Who is Landen International

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Des Landen

Landen International was founded in 2017 by Des Landen, an Australian cryptocurrency millionaire residing at Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast. However, the journey started more than a decade prior.

Des saw the growth in innovation and future technology advances being captivated with a love of Wall Street’s financial world of hedge funds. In his early 20’s, at the time of the Global Financial crisis of 2008 and seeing first hand the global markets reactions in currency and commodities plummet, he recognised the implications of how the flow on effects mainstream society in different countries. Trading consumed his life and a dedication to self teaching, in the Forex & Future’s markets to understand the worlds current ‘money game’ and market cycles, transpired.

He defined his own profitable trading style on selected markets whilst enlisted in the RAN (Royal Australian Navy) discharging in 2012. It was this knowledge that led Des to first invest in Bitcoin in the early days of its inception to simply ‘Hodl’ as it shared similar attributes of future wealth and sustainability to Gold and Silver bullion in a digital form.

Travelling abroad, and relocating to live in Phuket Thailand for business growth opportunities then opened the doors wider into the the realms of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Being a stones throw to the gateway of international finance through Bangkok and a short flight to Singapore, It was here Des established unique business relationships with liquidity pools of mining farms in Asia that serviced the world.

Through his partnerships in crypto culture, blockchain technology devs, trading the crypto markets for years and having access to focussed mandating supplies of crypto currency, Landen International can assist with any requirements needed.

Helping pave a positive path with
innovation technologies for the future

Making investing in high levels of cryptocurrency simple and secure